Answering Your Copywriting Queries!

So, you have a question or two, about my freelance writing services? Don’t sweat it!

Aiming to provide you with a swift and smooth process from start to finish, I’ve tried to answer below all your FAQ; so, chances are, yours are just there too! 

That being said, if you still require more information or just feel like reaching out, then simply drop me an email and I’ll get back to you faster than you can say “I am a super-duper, amazing, talented, go-getter, let nothing stand in my way, ever, kinda gal!” Ok, not that fast, but you get the point…

Q: What does a copywriter ‘for women’ actually do – and do I need one?

Copywriter for women in business

Utmost and foremost… YES. If you want to successfully sell your brand, product or service to the best of your abilities, yes, you do need a copywriter. The importance of an effective text is now at its most pivotal, with the average person’s attention span being at its lowest-ever recorded – sigh. This means, stopping your audience in their tracks and keeping that attention long enough to sell your product or service, needs to be nailed first time around! 

So, that’s where I step in. I’m a copywriter for female-focused brands, and no, you’re not the first person to ask “so what does that really mean?” So, here it goes, ‘copywriting’ refers to any chunk of text, whether that be your newly launching website, a weekly blog update, suave social media captions or even a promotional leaflet or brochure for your business – and, I’m ALL female-focused! Which means I specialise in writing copy for female flourished brands, female-founded businesses and female focussed audiences. Why? Because women deserve nothing less than brilliance!

Wait, did I mention I hold an understanding of search engine optimisation (SEO)? Well, I work in ways, you could say, a little like magic, creatively weaving keywords in and around your text (without you even noticing), to ensure your text ranks in a higher position on Google! After all, who puts all their time and effort into a text, just for it to get lost right?

Whenever a piece of text is written, it will always need a proofread and a fresh pair of eyes. Trust me, copywriters know what they’re doing, well I guess it’s our job too! – That’s why I also offer a proofreading service. Come rain or shine, it’s about thinking how and what information needs to be communicated to make your audience stop what they’re doing to focus on you.

Q: How do you usually work?

copywriter for women

As a copywriter for women, I tend to work remotely because of my love for travel, culture and people. This is where I find my flow and creative writing abilities blossom to their absolute finest! My style of working suits my clients perfectly, as I am always just a Zoom, email or Whatsapp conversation away.

My projects start with a hot cuppa’ and a video chat with you! Together we’ll discuss your vision and I’ll get a feel for your brand, we’ll discuss deadlines, costs and determine what it really is that you really want to achieve with your project. I’ll gather all the details needed at this stage, to do, well, what I’m best at! All you have to do is put your trust in me and enjoy the afterglow…

You can say I’m a little bit of a perfectionist, this means that I strive to deliver to my absolute fullest every time. All of my projects include up to 3 revisions, to ensure you’re 100% satisfied with the final job.

Q: Can you complete my project even though you aren’t local to me?

You betcha. 90% of my copywriting is done completely remotely…

 I’ve worked in-house with clients from England, Mexico and Australia and remotely with clients from Canada, the United States and New Zealand + more. 

It really doesn’t matter where you’re contacting me from or wherever I happen to be in the world – you can count on me to deliver high-performing, customer-converting, copywriting for females. 

So, hit me up, let’s talk about building your brand’s empire.

Copywriter for female entrepreneurs

Q: Can you tell me how you take payment?

One of my common practises is working by day-rate, this means 7.5hrs of untainted writing, reading, editing, and researching to ensure I deliver tip-top content for you. Some projects only require me to work by the hour and some clients prefer this style too, so really, it’s whatever works best for you and your business. Think crane and cobra pose combined when trusting me to be flexible on our project.

Before you ask, yes, I also offer a half-day service and a pay-per-project service – We can discuss rates and what works best for you in our initial conversation.

The nitty and gritty: I take all payments through direct bank transfer or Transferwise with a 7-day interval term of payment, from the start of your project date. I request payment upfront on smaller projects and 50% payment upfront on larger ones, this deposit is non-refundable as it secures my time for your job and gives you the reassurance that your project is blocked out in my diary to be my main priority! The remaining 50% will be paid on completion when you’re 100% happy with the final job. 

copywriter for women

Luckily the majority of my clients love paying me on time, but in cases where late payments are not agreed in advance, 15% interest of the full balance will be added, per week, onto your outstanding invoice. This ensures I can have a more enticing dinner than just say, beans on toast, although, come to think of it, I do like beans on toast!

I haven’t yet answered the question you’re looking for? No problem, simply hit the contact button below – let’s have a chit-chat.